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Badlands Warranty

Badlands Legendary Warranty

We don't care what happened, or whose fault it was, we will fix it for free forever. We could care less if you bought it at a garage sale or a gear swap, as long as it says Badlands, it's covered. All we ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so we can learn how to make our products even better.

However, the pack must be repairable, if you throw it in a fire,-with the expectations that sort of craftiness will yield you a brand new pack - that is incorrect. In all honesty, we have seen it all and we understand accidents happen and if it is legit we will always do our best to find you a replacement pack from our demo fleet.

Badlands has always been known for having the best warranty in the hunting industry bar none. As a matter of fact, since we began in 1994 we have built our business around exceeding our customer's expectations. With the launch of the Badlands' Apparel line, nothing is going to change.. However, let's face it, clothing is an entirely different animal, therefore, there are a few modifications.

The Official Badlands' No Hassle Apparel Warranty

Badland's unequivocally guarantees that anything with a "Red Bull's head" on it, will be the absolute finest garment you have ever owned, period. We guarantee your Badlands product against defects in materials or workmanship under normal wear and tear for the life of the product. If at the time you purchase one of our products, it does not exceed your expectations, return it and we will exchange or refund your purchase. However, if life hands you a particularly bad day of hunting (sounds impossible right?) and you rip or tear your Badlands gear, we will do our absolute best to repair it if we can.

Q: Q: My pack needs warranty work, will it be repaired or will I get a brand new one?

A: Our warranty was designed to keep your pack in the field for as many years as possible and also to demonstrate our willingness to stand behind our products for the long haul. It was not designed to be a "free upgrade program". Therefore, this is our one caveat (as stated in the warranty). "We will repair your pack for free, forever, no matter whose fault it is, no questions asked", sounds like a square deal to us. A few things you need to know here; in most cases it probably cost less to replace a pack than it does to disassemble and repair it. The other thing is; it is now and always has been our intention to do right by our customers, period. This a company founded on treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves. Therefore, if it is a case where the product should be replaced, it will be done promptly and without whining. If it makes more sense under the circumstances to repair it, that will be done. Either way, we do it on our dime.

Q: Hunting Season is coming up and I need my pack. How long will it take to get it back?

A: We try to turn around all warranty work within 3-4 working days, once you figure in shipping times both ways you and you pack will be apart for approximately 10 days. If you need it faster please note your deadline in the "additional instructions section". If it is possible we will try and turn it around the same day, however that still leaves 7 days. So please plan accordingly.

Q: Hygiene has never really been a way of life for me, I do not really understand why I have to take the time to clean my pack before sending it.

A: Well that is really more of a statement than a question and a rather gross one at that. However, since it covers the correct subject matter we are going to let it fly. Sewing machines are highly tuned precision pieces of equipment, which are usually slathered in various high viscosity lubricants. If you try and jam a mud encrusted pack through this environment at 6000 RPM's it is not going end well.
So please clean your pack thoroughly before returning it. Otherwise we will post your name and address on our web site letting everybody know that you broke our sewing machine and that is why they have not received their product back yet.
Simply soak it in the tub with a mild scent free detergent, rinse well and line dry out of direct sunlight. Do not put pack in the washer or dryer.

Q: Are there times when you can just send me the parts I need so I do not have to send in my whole pack?

A: Yes, if you simply have a broken buckle or some other piece of hardware it will save both of us a lot of pain to just mail you the parts you need. Please take a look at our parts listing on the website it will help you choose the right pieces.

Q: I miss my pack, can I call to check in and see how it is doing?

A: This is not an effort to become more like the airlines, but for the sake of accuracy please check the warranty website to check on the status of your pack.

Q: So if I understand correctly; you will do all this work on my Badland's Pack for free, even though I have abused it and it is clearly my fault?

A: Yes, what can we say we like to be abused.. However, high as it may be, we do have a threshold for pain. The deal is, we do all the work and fix things for free, but you pay for the cost to ship the pack round trip. Seems like a square deal to us, if it doesn't to you, please give us a call and we will patch you through to another pack company who will do the repairs for free. Oh we can't, because there isn't one.
So please enclose a check or money order in the amount of $12.00 and your pack will be back on your doorstep before you know it.
That ends the Q&A session if we missed anything or you have a unique situation please feel free to give us a call at (801) 256-9100

Q: What replacement part do I need?

A: If you need a replacement part write the replacement part number before proceeding.

Q: Is my pack waterproof?

A: Here's the thing; there is a huge difference between Water Proof and Water Resistant. Any company who claims "water proof" but uses a sewing machine to produce their products -is leading you down the Primrose path. The fact is, even if the fabrics used during construction start out water proof (ours does) once you start punching holes in it with a needle and thread, it's game over. The reason is: exposed thread acts like a small candle wick, slowly absorbing the water and pulling it into the pack. We go to great lengths to putting an end to this senseless absorption- by sealing and taping every seam on the pack. Yet, regardless of our valiant efforts "water resistant" is all that current technology allows for. That being said: take some precautions that will insure that your expensive electronics and cell phones do not turn into aquatic fatalities. If you are anticipating severe weather put these items into sealable dry bags, use a rain cover and spray the seams of your pack with an effective water proof treatment. Such as, the critically acclaimed and wonderful scent reducing waterproofing spray by Badlands (its our website we can plug ourselves if we want).

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