The 2800

The goal of any hunt is to come out heavier than you went in, and I like to have a pack that allows me to make the most of every trip in and out of the back country. The 2800 with its split “bat-wing” pockets and T6 internal frame fits the bill perfectly for me. I am able to pack everything I need for an early season two to three day hunt into the pack and still have the ability to load it up with meat and antlers for the first trip out.
The pack fits very well, it hugs my back and the waist belt sits well on the hips. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and easy to adjust. The bottom compartment is large and spacious I can easily pack my sleeping bag, bivy sack and a few extra clothes in it. The four outer compartments on the bat-wings are large enough to hold the things you need like a compact spotting scope, food, rope, stoves all the things you need for a couple of nights out and have it readily available so don’t have to sift through or un load the main compartment to find it.
Bat-wing design is a must for bow hunters as it protects the majority of the bow, and your arrows. Not to mention, you can shove just about anything that will fit between the batwings, cinch it down, cross the bottom straps and it won’t fall out. I have been fortunate enough to use the 2800 to pack out an elk and two mule deer. I am amazed at the way it was able to handle very heavy loads in some steep nasty country. One of the reasons this pack is such a good meat hauler is that it will really tightly cinch down an over sized load making it feel balanced and stabile.

Having a rifle/bow pouch is a must have and being able to store it in its own pouch is really nice. The addition of a rain fly for the pack is also very handy and it comes with a strap so you won’t lose it.