Badlands Hunting Gear on the Boob Tube

Here at Badlands, we pride ourselves on three things: 1) Designing and producing the best hunting gear on the planet 2) Offering the industry’s best and only iron-clad unconditional lifetime warranty 3) Having the most amazing customers, fans and users of our gear. The Badlands crowd is unique. They don’t buy gear based on the latest trend or snatch something up just because it’s new and their neighbor has one. The Badlands user knows what quality, function and dependability are all about. That being said, we wanted to tell you a bit about some of the raddest, most extreme people we know who are using Badlands gear and bringing it into your living room every week through the power of television.

SOUTHERN CHAOS (Wednesdays 7 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel)

2014 Best of Southern Chaos

Southern Chaos is hosted by NFL kicker Garrett Hartley (currently with the Pittsburgh Steelers), Guide and business owner Josh Galt, and guide Stephen West. Now…we’ve hunted with these guys, we’ve gambled with these guys in Vegas and we’ve crashed on their couches. These are some crazy dudes who really do personify “CHAOS.” Hopping from one hunt to the next, from one job to another and never slowing down and all while filming it and balancing family life. This is not your typical hunting show full of whisper shots from a treestand. This is 12 foot gators, elk, deer, ducks, bowfishing, hog hunting from an airboat…you name it, they probably do it or have it planned. Oh, and did we mention they are at the forefront of testing out Badlands gear? These guys run Badlands packs and apparel HARD and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Garrett’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Clutch Pack
  • Badlands Kinetic Vest
  • Badlands Magnetic Rangefinder Case

Josh’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Recon Pack
  • Badlands Enduro Jacket
  • Badlands Hat

Stephen’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands 2200 Pack
  • Badlands Ion Pant
  • Badlands Tactical Binocular Case


SHEEP SHAPE (Thursdays 8:30 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel)

Sheep Shape Sportsmans

Sheep Shape is unique and refreshing to say the least. More than just a hunting show, it’s inspirational, exciting and shot beautifully. Sheep Shape follows four people who have overcome or are still overcoming extreme difficulties. Chad Hall is working with a “bionic” leg after a battle with cancer. Rick Carone continues to battle cancer and somehow finds the energy and time between chemotherapy sessions to not only hunt but raise money for research. Patrick Scrogin survived a helicopter crash during his military service that no normal human being should have survived. His body is basically a rebuilt machine that he pushes to the absolute limits. Kelsie Burford has overcome not only extreme bullying but sexual abuse and puts everything she’s learned into a positive light. We couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be carrying the red bull skull with them as they chase bear, caribou, sheep, and goats over some of the roughest terrain on earth. It’s Sheep Shape and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Chad Hall’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Summit Pack
  • Badlands Superday Pack

Rick Carone’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands 2200 Pack

Patrick Scrogin’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands 2200 Pack
  • Badlands Intake Jacket
  • Badlands Intake Pant
  • Badlands Tactical Binocular Case

Kelsie Burford’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Summit Pack
  • Badlands 2200 Pack


THE HOLLYWOOD HUNTER (Sundays 10 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel)

Freddy Bear Small

Freddy Harteis, The Hollywood Hunter, is a breath of fresh air as far as outdoor television goes. Perhaps the nicest, most genuine person you’ll ever meet and as passionate about the outdoors and hunting as anyone we know. From charity events to traveling the world, Freddy is always busy and always enjoying life. The unique thing about Freddy is he doesn’t let the “California Crazies” get him down about his hunting lifestyle. It’s an understatement to say hunting doesn’t fit in in Hollywood but Freddy isn’t shy about sharing his passion with the world around him. So when you’re at the next outdoor or hunting event or tradeshow, look for the guy in the trendy kicks, tight jeans and leopard print shirt and it’s probably Freddy.

Freddy’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Hybrid Jacket
  • Badlands Hybrid Pant
  • Badlands Recon Pack
  • Badlands Magnetic Binocular Case
  • Badlands Supernova Down Jacket


HUNT MASTERS (Mondays 8:30 ET on The Outdoor Channel)

Elk small

Hosted by Gregg Ritz, Hunt Masters is one of the most visually pleasing shows on outdoor television. Stunning visuals and amazing hunts from all around the world make this show a must see every single week. An industry icon, Gregg has quite literally done it all in the hunting world and loves sharing his adventures with others. It’s been a pleasure to work with Gregg as he takes Badlands packs to some of the most extreme places imaginable. Hunt Masters is exactly what the name says – hunting from a master’s perspective.

Gregg’s Favorite Badlands Gear:

  • Badlands Superday Pack
  • Badlands Ox Pack

What’s in a Hunting Pack? – Badlands Summit Pack Essay Contest

Here is the winning entry from the MuleySlayer/Badlands Summit Pack Essay Contest. Everyone was asked the simple question – “What does backpack style hunting mean to you?” The responses were tremendous but one stood out above the rest. Congrats to Jacob Hacker for winning the contest with his essay that best embodied why a pack is among the most important hunting items you can carry with you.

“All hunting seasons are over now here in Ohio. As I write this I look at my pack and I’m reminded of the importance and symbolism of this piece of equipment. The hunting pack is symbolic of an escape. Just looking at the pack hanging in the hunting room reminds me of times I’ve spent in mountains, canyons, and valleys all over the world with nothing more than my rifle and pack. A pack can fulfill all the requirements of my 1000 square foot home. Food, water, shelter…I can carry it all on my back and enjoy God’s creation. The hunting pack symbolizes the latest and greatest technology and at the same time connects us with our ancestors who packed their entire lives on their backs chasing the mighty American Bison. The pack symbolizes a universal language spoken by hunters all over the world. The pack symbolizes survival. When filled and carried, the pack is the comfort and safety of home. When it is hanging in the trophy room, the pack is a photo album filled with memories or success, failure, and hope for next year.

 To a new hunter, a hunting pack symbolizes the pinnacle of hunting achievement. The youth see a pack as a plethora of gadgets, gear, and time tested survival necessities. The pack is cool! To an experienced hunter, seeing a good, well-worn pack in a fellow hunter’s truck or home is a secret handshake- “Hey this guy is for real”.

My packs say a lot about me. One has been mended and I can tell a story for every stitch. I have a memory for every zipper that doesn’t match and every clip that has been replaced or held together with duct tape. There’s a small hole in the side of one where I let a friend use it as a shooting rest on a group hunt. Needless to say he didn’t quiet have the barrel all the way across the pack. Sure I could patch it, but that was his first deer and boy was he proud. That hole symbolizes a new hunter, forever enrolled in the brotherhood of pack hunters.

My pack is a symbol of friends, mentors, and heroes that have gone on. Many of the men I looked up to in my youth are gone. Age has taken its toll on others. I can look at the gear I’ve chosen and see their teachings and guidance in it. On my wall is a pack from one of my heroes, my great grandfather. His rucksack from WW2 is a symbol of his life and the ultimate sacrifice many have made. He hunted with that pack often and I learned that a pack doesn’t have to be flashy if it does the job. While I’ll never be a war hero, I hope to make an impact on young and old hunters alike, and when I’m gone, hopefully someone will look a pack and remember hunting with me!”

Badlands Poets Among Us!

We had a call to action to hear some of your finest hunting/Badlands original poetry and boy did everyone deliver! You have made all the great poets proud like William Shakespeare and……hmmm….no other poets come to mind. Maybe Dr. Seuss…..Anyway, give these poems a read and get inspired for your next hunt!

Garret Gardner

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, or if it’s dumping snow.

Badlands is with me where ever I go.

I train for hunting season all year.
Anticipating the pack out with a giant deer.

When the hunt is on I get a rush.
Then I carefully make my way through the brush.

I draw back and let my arrow fly.
Then tears of joy I begin to cry.

For a moment in time there is not a sound.
As the monster lies there on the ground.

It’s a long pack out, but that’s okay.
I will strap him on to my super day!

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, or if it’s dumping snow.
Badlands is with me where ever I go.


Shawnee Bosch

The morning is cold, my breath I can see.

Bundled up warm, boots covered in pee.
Crows caw in the distance as the morning light breaks.
The monster, he stirs, from his sleeping he wakes.

A powerful “grunt” gives note to his might.
Sinking down in my chair, I avoid his line of sight.
With antlers tall, and a spread from ear to ear,
He’s the shot of a lifetime, the perfect trophy deer.

Heart pounding, hands shaking, I draw up my gun.
Shielding my eyes from the bright morning sun.
The cross hair I find, placing right on his chest
Squeezing the trigger, I take a deep breath.

All the while you’re asleep, warm in your bed,
With dreams of the hunt circling in your head.
When you wake, you’ll be jealous thinking of me.
Because I’ll be in the badlands, holding my trophy.


Dane Hershberger

Here’s my poem:

The call of the wild with a Badlands pack
Tells me there’s no turning back.
High country meadows, basins, and sage flats
Can all be seen from where I sat
Atop a lonesome ridge glassing for a big buck
That was miles and miles from my old truck.
The second day I was blessed to seal the deal
On a big muley buck and the feeling was surreal.
There are few things better in life than a big muley rack
Especially when it is strapped to a Badlands pack.


Ryder Ferguson

A hunters prayer

Dear Lord, please give me Badlands luck,
to shoot a mighty
eight point buck,
when luck like this
is in the bag,
I’ll have reason
then to brag..


Jacob Hacker

–Ode to the Prairies and Goats–
I was glassing the prairie
where the antelope be
I was lucky I had
My new Bino Case Z
When I spotted my quarry
He was off in the grass
I zipped up my Nikons
In my padded soft pack.
I crawled to a rise
With cactus in my knee joint
I knew my rifle was handy,
Because I had my new Point.
This pack is all business
It loads from the top.
No fancy zippers or gadgets
to screw up my shot!
I pulled out my rifle,
But he was too far,
I just cant make shot
From Venus to Mars!
I needed to stalk
But I didn’t fear,
For I was outfitted
In my sweet Badlands Gear
It’s hard to be cool
In my Income Bracket
But I could afford
my Exo Pant and Jacket.
The camo was perfect,
The cloth was so quiet
I was just close enough,
To put this goat on a lead diet!
I fired my shot
and there he did lay.
Another great stalk
Done the Badlands way!

Now the fun is just over,
And the work just begun.
So I called up my buddy
to get the job done
He was happy to tell me
He just opened a box
and inside was a new toy
he called it the Ox!
And when he arrived,
We were a happy pair,
We packed the whole goat up,
With much room to spare!
I just love my Badlands,
It dont get much better,
Than how I hunted the wilds
In this rhyming letter!


Badlands Film Festival 2014 – Nashville

When we started organizing our 1st Annual Badlands Film Festival we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew we had good content and we knew there were people who liked hunting videos and free gear…seemed like a winning combo to us! For all of you that attended you know that the Hard Rock was packed, the energy was electric, the prizes were stellar and the films just pushed the evening over the top. We are already looking forward to the 2nd Annual Badlands Film Festival in 2015 in Indianapolis and hope you all join us again. We want to congratulate not only the three winners (1st Place – Southern Chaos, 2nd Place – Tim Endsley Bad Medicine Archery, 3rd Place – Team Southern Draw) but all the participants whose films made the cut this year. Enjoy this trip down memory lane and if you see a photo you’d like a copy of shoot us an email to with the photo number and we’ll send you a copy! See you next year!

Special Thanks to:


Understanding the Badlands Passion

I came from the world of fly-fishing. Growing up in Utah and being around people who hunted and fished, I knew that Badlands Hunting Gear and William Joseph Fly Fishing Gear were related but I never imagined I would end up working there. I began fly fishing in my early teens with my father and older brother and quickly became very passionate about the sport. That passion continues now as I enter my 30s.  It wasn’t until I began working for Badlands and William Joseph that I discovered just how passionate and dedicated hunters are about their sport.

Badlands tattoo
Badlands tattoo…yes it’s real

Hunting is very much a sport that seems to be passed on from father to son or other close relationships. My father never really hunted therefore I was never exposed to the sport. We have spent I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of hours together in rivers across the country but we’ve never logged time together hunting.

I noticed two things when I started working for Vortex Outdoors (Badlands Packs and William Joseph) in the Summer of 2013.

  1. Hunters are as passionate about their sport as anything I have ever encountered
  2. Badlands fans are as passionate about their gear as anything I’ve ever seen

Immediately after starting my new position I was exposed to and encompassed in a world that I knew existed but had never experienced. My first phone call not 5 minutes into my first day was from a young ambitious man from Iowa who lives to hunt whitetail deer and capture the excitement on film. I could literally feel his passion coming through the phone receiver. He talked about hunting whitetail like a man would talk about his passion for his own family. It wasn’t long before I had encountered people from all over the state of Utah and all over the country that shared the same passion as the Iowan whitetail hunter. No matter what kind of hunting the person was passionate about, it was obvious that they lived for the sport and they depended on their gear to help them get the job done.

picture of me, my two brothers and my father on Madison River in Montana
Myself (left), my two brothers and my father on Madison River in Montana

Since working here I’ve learned a lot about the hunting and pack industry. I’ve learned which packs are ideal for all different types of hunting and all different situations. I’ve learned what a “meat-shelf” is and watched videos on how to field dress and pack out an animal. I’ve learned that there are 1,000 different camo patterns and they all claim to be the best. I’ve learned that quality, innovation and peace of mind are tops in what hunters are looking for in their gear. I’ve seen people come in and literally spend hours trying on packs attempting to get the exact fit that will keep them going out in the field when things get tough. I’ve heard countless stories of how one piece of gear was all the difference in a successful hunt versus a disastrous one. I can’t explain how rewarding it is to help someone find a piece of gear that will literally last them a lifetime and perform under the greatest of pressures.

child in Badlands pack

Another funny thing has happened in the few months that I’ve been with Badlands Hunting Gear…I’ve caught a bug. A good portion of Badlands fans are into archery. I get this question more than any other, “How do I attach my bow to the Badlands packs?” The archery crowd is obviously crazy about what they do. I have attended 3D shoots and seen first hand just how seriously archers take their craft and trust me, it is a craft. I suppose archery has really started appealing to me because of the gear (I am a gear junky afterall), the precision, the practice required and the nerves and resolve it must take to get out there and get so close to what you are hunting that you can see the whites of their eyes before the shot. I see the parallels that drew me into fly fishing and the bug is only getting deeper and deeper into my brain. I now have a bow (something I never would have thought would happen 2 years ago), I own some camouflage (another thing I didn’t think would happen) and I can’t wait to start shooting and get consistent enough to take it to the next level.

Bowcast @ The Bird 3D Shoot 2013
Bowcast @ The Bird 3D Shoot 2013

How can you not love an industry that is so passionate about what they do? I get to see, day in and day out, the level of committment that goes into producing the best products possible because Badlands understands how much love hunters have for what they do. I look forward to getting to a point where I can call myself part of the hunting crowd. I know it takes time and it takes committment. I’m willing to work to become part of the club as I know it must take years of practice an dedication to reach the level of skill I see as I interact with people everyday. Until that day however, I will keep plugging along, learning more about the sport, fine-tuning my shot and just enjoying the wild and crazy crowd of hunters that I’m growing to love more and more each day.

Blake VanTussenbrook

Badlands Ion Pants


Badlands Ion Pants – New from the Biothermic Apparel Line

Six pocket pants are a dime a dozen, and rightfully so, as they are extremely well suited for a hunter’s needs. So how do you go about making them even better? Seven Pockets? Hey, not a bad idea; however, we have a few more ideas just in case. How about articulated knees, for ease of movement? Non-wear Hypalon cuffs? Welded water proof zips? The list goes on.

As mentioned above, the Ion Pants have articulated Knees for a wider range of motion- designed to enhance your body’s natural range of movement. Better then that, each seam is tailored and articulated to perfection. This system guarantees absolute comfort for all Badlands garments.

Made with Hex-Lit fleece, you will be warm throughout your entire hunt. Hex-Lit™ fleece liner looks like a honeycomb design and with this proprietary fleece, heat is increased by trapping warm air into a multitude of interlinking channels. This pattern is not only efficient at retaining heat, but actually reduces the garments bulk at the same time.

Need something for the rainy times of year? The outer layer of the Ion Pant is made using Dupont Teflon- simply the highest quality water repellent material money can buy. The zippers are also re-enforced and covered with the same style waterproofing system as on the Badlandspacks.

If you aren’t convinced yet, how about we tell you about the nylon re-enforced belt loops, six easy access pockets, hypalon cuffs for increased durability and Badlands SRS system.

The SRS system is the ultimate antimicrobial treatment. It is impregnated deep into the fabric’s fiber, allowing it to kill odor causing microbes in the most effective way possible. SRS is so effective it will last up to 50 wash cycles.

Badlands Ion pant front viewBadlands Ion pant back view







Emerging 18 years ago,Badlandshas built and held a respected reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance and the industries only unconditional lifetime warranty.

For further information or questions regarding this award, our product or other company news, please contact Isaac Aleman at ixa@vortexoutdoors.

What Women Want


Salt Lake City,UT Badlandsdesigns the newest pack on the market made just for women. Introducing the Kali Fanny, women now have more options when it comes to hunting gear. Inspired by the Kali day pack, the Kali Fanny was specially designed to fit a woman’s body while holding a woman’s needs.

The fanny only weighs 1 lb. 8 oz, has dual water bottle holders, five pockets and two compartments. The angle of the waist belt on the Kali Fanny has been modified and adjusted to better fit the hips of a woman. Complete with Air Track Suspension, ventilation will be provided to all the areas that come in contact with this pack. The Kali Fanny provides two color options: Ap and Max-1.

“Every now and then the Badlands design department gets to do something different such as design a pack for women. It’s a challenge to make sure we don’t just design a men’s pack and splash some pink on the outside. We wanted to make sure the Kali Fanny was ergonomically designed to fit a woman comfortably yet maintain functionality.” States Badlands Head Designer, Chris Lambert.

Emerging 18 years ago,Badlands has built and held a respected reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance and the industries only unconditional lifetime warranty.


For further information or questions regarding our product or other company news, please contact Isaac Aleman at

Badlands releases Element Series with Bio-thermic Apparel


The recently announced BadlandsBio-thermic apparel line introduces the Element Series on July 1st 2012.  Through the science of Badlands®’ Bio-Rendering, areas of the body which demonstrate the most dynamic movement and highest levels of perspiration have been identified. With those specific areas in mind, the Element Top and bottom base layer have been constructed accordingly. Including thumbholes, mulit panel flat lock stitch construction, a no sag crew neck and Realtree’s AP camouflage, this base layer proves superior to all others.

The key to staying warm is first staying dry. The Element Top and bottom pull moisture away from your body, helping to regulate your core temperature. The series combines non-chafing, highly breathable fabrics in conjunction with extremely stretchable substrates. The result is the most comfortable, breathable base layer ever worn.

ABadlandsfan recently reviewed the Element Series and said, “I was able to move freely and the apparel wasn’t bulky under my other layers. Hiking was easy and I was kept completely dry. It felt as if I wasn’t wearing a base layer at all!”

The Element layers are designed with the Badlands SRS (Scent Reduction System) the ultimate antimicrobial treatment. It is impregnated deep into the fabric’s fiber, allowing it to kill odor causing microbes in the most effective way possible. SRS is so effective it will last up to fifty wash cycles. The Element base layers are also made from multi-stretch polyester, which allows a full anatomical range of motion resulting in a chronically comfortable base. Variable motion seams are integrated in each article to enhance your body’s natural range of motion. Each seam is tailored and articulated to perfection and guarantees absolute comfort for all Badland’s garments. Element top

Element pant

Emerging 18 years ago,Badlandshas built and held a respected reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance and the industries most innovative outdoor gear technology.


For further information or questions regarding this award, our product or other company news, please contact Isaac Aleman

Badlands NEW Black Jack Fanny Pack


Badlands introduces Ultra Lite Black Jack Fanny Pack

Salt Lake City,UTBadlandsreleased the Ultra Lite pack series this last summer. Among the new products in the series is the Badlands Black Jack Fanny. This fanny will hold more gear then most anything on the market weighing only 18 oz. With 1100 cubic inches of space, it has one main compartment and six pockets to keep your hunting gear organized.Ultra Lite Black Jack Fanny Pack

The pack utilizes Air Track Suspension to provide extra comfort and the ability to breathe by placing padding on the back and hip belts to keep you cool and allow the air to circulate on long hot days. This fanny pack will fit all of your day gear, lunch, and extra clothing for sudden shifts in the weather. The Black Jack even has a loop to hang from a tree stand to accommodate all different hunts.

“The Black Jack is the most functional option for a fanny when I’m going out scouting because it’s light and keeps me cool, yet it still holds everything I’ll need for the day.” claims Skyler Miller, Professional Hunting Guide.

Emerging 18 years ago,Badlandshas built and held a respected reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance and the industries only unconditional lifetime warranty.


For further information or questions regarding this award, our product or other company news, please contact Isaac Aleman at

Fabulous Ox Review


I ordered my OX a few months ago in preparation for this fall and my Colorado Elk hunt. When I got the pack I was excited to actually put my hands on it and mess around with how it works. The first thing I noticed was the weight. At just over 9 lbs it is plenty light for an external frame pack that will do everything you need it to, and more. The construction is unbelievably good, which is expected from Badlands.hunter walking through the woods

The frame itself is constructed of aircraft aluminum and has multiple features such as holes all the way up the sides. The holes not only help the frame shed some weight but also provide extra lashing points for tying stuff down. The frame itself is concaved to follow the form of your back. The pack itself is removable from the frame to enable the use of just the frame for hauling meat. It is easily done by simply removing the four quick releases found at the four corners of the frame.

The pack is roomy and the main compartment held my sleeping bag, waterproof gear, extra socks, extra layers of clothing, meat sacks, my water purifier, decoy, scent free shampoo and deodorant, lighters, a saw, and other miscelaneous items with room to spare. The side pockets held knives, extra batteries, energy bars, gloves, extra bow release, bow tool kit, tripod, and spotting scope. The top pocket which covers the access to the main compartment holds the water bladder on the inside and on the outside I stored extra food and even more laters.

gear unpackedBetween the top fold over pocket and the pack itself there is a buckle and straps which worked great for holding my tent. The shoulder straps of the OX are adjustable to fit any torso height. Underneath the OX pack hides its biggest tool, the meat hauling area of the frame. There are two straps at the top of the pack that when loosened, reveal the meat shelf. It has a blaze orange shelf and three heavy duty straps that will hold ANY load securely. All you do is load the meat then sinch the two top straps down and you are ready to go. I loaded the OX with 110 lbs in the meat shelf and was surprised at how securely it held it. The OX’s shoulder, back and waist padding are very comfortable and the fact that they allow ventilation is a huge plus!  The hip pockets are plenty big to hold the stuff you need to get to often.The pack is literally covered with spots for tying stuff down and the fact that it has the ability to carry a bow or rifle with the use of daisy chains is awesome. Nothing worse than your bow on your back and having to cut the thing loose to prepare for a shot. This pack is so functional that there are 100’s of ways you can set it up to work for you!

Ox pack

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