Solo Elk

“The most glorious moments in your life are not the so-called days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishments.”      ~ Gustave Flaubert As I sit here typing this, I really have a tough time even putting … Continue reading Solo Elk

Badlands Develops an Industry First Scent Free Waterproofing Spray

Badlands Develops an Industry First Scent Free Waterproofing Spray Salt Lake City, UT-April 3, 2009-The hunting industry’s premier pack manufacturer, Badlands, has raised the bar once again and came up with the ultimate solution for hunters who want to keep their equipment dry yet remain scent free. The mad scientists at Badlands experimented with every … Continue reading Badlands Develops an Industry First Scent Free Waterproofing Spray

Daypack Magazine Review-Eastmans’

Badlands has been making serious daypacks for Western hunters for years, and excels in making their products hunter- friendly. The Diablo is the lightest-weight pack in this review, and is a fantastic option for those who want to move light and fast but have a reliable…. Read the Full Story

Sacrifice Magazine Review

Are you in the market for an ultra~light bivouac pack? Does cutting four or more pounds off of the base weight of your pack sound appealing? You’re going to want to check out the Badlands Sacrifice. A cursory review of the specs left me anxious to get my hands on one. The featherweight 8 oz. … Continue reading Sacrifice Magazine Review

The 2800

The goal of any hunt is to come out heavier than you went in, and I like to have a pack that allows me to make the most of every trip in and out of the back country. The 2800 with its split “bat-wing” pockets and T6 internal frame fits the bill perfectly for me. … Continue reading The 2800

Badlands Bino Case Review

  …already had a holder for my binoculars, but after hearing about this product by Badlands, I eagerly took the chance to field test it. At first, I actually was puzzled over how to open the case. That was easy to resolve; I was told the latching system is magnetic and requires no zipper or … Continue reading Badlands Bino Case Review