Badlands Hunting Packs

Badlands hunting packs and hunting apparel represent the most innovative and best performing  products available for the pursuit of white tail deer, mule deer and elk. Whether you hunt in the East or your trophy animals lead you west, Badlands backpacks are the best hunting packs available for carrying out huge loads.  Badlands also offers backpacks for smaller game, such as Turkey packs and packs for hunting varmints which allow you to place hunting gear exactly where you need it when you need it, each one of Badland’s packs also accommodate hydration.

Badlands technology goes far beyond pockets and quiet fabrics, we have always focused on the on the science and physics of carrying  hunting gear and trophies. Our hunting packs are the best in the world when it comes to providing a proper center of gravity and a precision fit, two crucial elements when hauling huge loads, such as deer and elk quarters. We go to such great lengths to ensure whether you are hunting in the backcountry or from a tree stand that you can absolutely depend on your gear. At Badlands we also know every location you chose to hunt offers a new set of challenges. This is why Badlands builds all their hunting packs with specific purposes in mind, we produce packs for Tree Stand hunting, Desert hunting, high altitude hunting, backcountry hunting, we have solution and a pack for each and every possibility.  While in the pursuit of build the best performing backpacks in the world our engineers and designers key in on many aspects of what elements make a pack or any other gear for that matter “the best in the world”.  We have narrowed it down to three key groups. You must be the best performing, the best built and back it up with the best warranty. Once you have the first two last one comes naturally.

The best warranty in the world. Since we are on the subject. What happens when you combine the best manufacturing techniques, with the best designs, the best manufacturing along with the most innovative solutions there are for hunters. Well the byproduct of all that would have to be the best warranty in the world. Trust us, we do not use any of these terms lightly. The Badlands warranty is unconditional, it is forever and it contains no questions- only the word “yes”. I ran it over with my car is it covered ? Yes! My dog chewed it up, is it covered? Yes! I bought it at a garage sale and it has a rip- is it covered? Yes!  As you can see the math is simple- Badlands = The world’s best warranty.     

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