Sacrifice Magazine Review

Are you in the market for an ultra~light bivouac pack? Does cutting four or more pounds off of the base weight of your pack sound appealing? You’re going to want to check out the Badlands Sacrifice. A cursory review of the specs left me anxious to get my hands on one. The featherweight 8 oz. … Continue reading Sacrifice Magazine Review

The 2800

The goal of any hunt is to come out heavier than you went in, and I like to have a pack that allows me to make the most of every trip in and out of the back country. The 2800 with its split “bat-wing” pockets and T6 internal frame fits the bill perfectly for me. … Continue reading The 2800

Badlands Bino Case Review

  …already had a holder for my binoculars, but after hearing about this product by Badlands, I eagerly took the chance to field test it. At first, I actually was puzzled over how to open the case. That was easy to resolve; I was told the latching system is magnetic and requires no zipper or … Continue reading Badlands Bino Case Review

4500 Featured Pack

Starting its career by taking people to the top of K-2, Denali, and Everest, the 4500 is chosen by more guides than any other pack on the Market!  The 4500 is an internal frame pack using a Polycarbonate frame, which transfers even the strangest loads at half the weight and twice the strength of a … Continue reading 4500 Featured Pack