KXO-32 Fabric

Badlands KXO-32 fabric is the strongest, quietest, most waterproof material in the hunting world. How do we know? Because we tried 31 different combos before we finally got it right! Soft, supple, quiet….everything you’ve always wanted in a hunting pack…and a mate but, that’s a debate for another time.


Let’s face it….You put a lot of stress on your hunting gear. As you should! Certain areas of your pack are bound to
take more abuse than others. Through a scientific process we call “beating the living hell out of it” we located all of the “high stress areas” of each pack.   We then spent every waking hour ensuring that these areas became indestructible. Hypalon is one of the highest strength, yet flexible materials known to man and we had to have it. We bought up the world’s supply and use it on all high stress areas on all Badlands packs. Why go the extra mile you may ask? Because at Badlands the giving never stops.


What button do you hit on your remote control when you just need the noise to stop? That’s right, the trusty ole mute button. Just sweet, sweet silence. Nothing but your thoughts and the sounds of nature around you. When developing our Silent Series of packs we took quiet fabric to a whole new level. Badlands Mutex™ Fabric is ultra-soft, extra supple (even when cold) and helps make you as stealthy as the game you pursue. Just one touch and you’ll be convinced. Custom Mutex™ bed sheets and pillow cases available upon request (not really…but it would sure be nice!)

Ultralight Ripstop

Did you know that ripstop material is used in hot air balloons and in parachutes? Two activities in which you REALLY don’t want your gear ripping… so let’s add hunting to that list. So it might not be “life or death” like skydiving but you’ll wish you were dead if your pack suddenly rips to shreds when it’s filled with 100+ pounds of fresh elk and you still have 3 miles to go back to the truck! Our Ultralight Series of packs feature Nylon Ripstop Fabric for two reasons

  1. To keep them ultralight (you probably already figured that out)
  2. To put your mind at ease that your pack will take whatever load you throw at it. We’re all about peace of mind here….and shooting stuff. We really love shooting stuff.


Keprotec® is fabric taken to the extreme. In fact, it’s often used in sports such as motorcycle racing because of its extreme abrasion and tear resistance. When it came time to design the Badlands Black Series of tactical packs, we sent search parties far and wide to find just such a material. We didn’t know what they’d come back with or if they’d even come back alive. They returned triumphantly with Keprotec® in hand and Badlands Black was born. The absolute best in durability at an astoundingly light weight. Badlands and Keportec® are changing the tactical game one pack at a time.

Aramid Bartacking

Aramid fibers are fibers in which the chain molecules are highly oriented along the fiber axis so the strength of the chemical bond can be exploited. What does that mean? Well… we’re not sure exactly but we do know that one strand of this thread can lift 110 lbs so we don’t really care! Yes, all of the yellow bar-tacks you see on our packs are aramid thread and no, yellow isn’t our favorite color. These fibers are so strong and dense that they can’t even be dyed another color. At least it’s not pink!


Any endurance athlete or mechanic for that matter will tell you that the biggest threat you face when it comes to performing at peak levels is HEAT. It depletes your body of energy faster than any other factor. Badlands Hypervent Technology was designed to allow high volumes of air to pass between you and your pack. This allows you to stay cool and dry in even the most extreme environments and stay at those peak performance levels longer. Badlands Hypervent packs were also designed to wrap around your body’s shape and work with your body’s natural movement instead of against it. The result is long lasting comfort, increased stamina, reduced sweat and even reduced odor. Your friends will thank you….your prey will not.


Badlands AirTrack™ Suspension is the “Frankenstein” of several Badlands revolutionary technologies. Molded foam is amazingly comfortable. It sits well against your back and hips and provides long lasting comfort when hauling weight. The enigma was…how do we make it breathe? With Badlands AirTrack™ Technology we build channels into the foam so air can effectively pass between your body and your pack. In addition, we use a breathable mesh over the foam as another layer of comfort and ventilation. The result is warm air escaping and cool air entering through “tracks” all across your back and shoulders. The other result is outlasting your peers and pure bliss. Thank you cards can be sent to Badlands Headquarters.


This is an area in which we could get super technical. We could throw words out like hydrocarbon, cross-linked bonding, elastomer and endothermic reaction but we all know we’re just trying to sound smart. In reality, we’ve always gone to great lengths to simply find the most comfortable way to hump exorbitant amounts of weight across extreme terrains. Our Thermo-Mold suspensions have been developed and designed over 20 years. The first years were spent baking our own molds in household ovens we purchased at garage sales and heavily altered to best suit our customer’s needs. The process has evolved and we’ve perfected the art of “comfortability” (not sure that’s a word but it sounds good!) Our Thermo-Mold suspensions are waterproof, and resist molds, mildews and bacteria. Let’s face it, you are working hard, sweating and generating all sorts of unmentionable organisms…you don’t need them living in your pack.


Zippers are everywhere and most of the time they are the best closure system you can have. “Most” of the time didn’t quite satisfy us however. There were times in the field when we needed something faster, quieter and one-hand friendly. Over 8 years of research and development led to the creation of Badlands Zip-No™ Technology. Using rare-earth magnets (the strongest on the planet), we developed a process in which we could bend them into rope like strands. The result is a zipper-less system that can be opened and closed silently with one hand and quicker than any zipper could ever be. When stealth and timing is everything, Zip-No can be the difference between coming out heavy or with just a heavy heart.


Badlands 4X™ Technology has set the bar as the ultimate in scent containment. In true Badlands fashion we weren’t even close to content with the simple industry standards for containing odor. You are working hard on your hunt and hard work produces noticeable scent. Our mission was to make the noticeable become undetectable.

Step One: All Badlands 4X fabric is coated in silver. Silver attacks microbes and destroys bacteria. This is that “industry standard” we mentioned and where most companies call it a day. We moved on to

Step Two: If coating the outside is good, then coating the underside is even better. After the initial coat, we roll it up and send it through for a second coating of silver. Odor originates on the inside of your garment so it only made sense to hit the funk where it starts. A tad excessive you might ask…of course it is but this is Badlands – we just can’t help ourselves.

Step Three: Using a technique we call Bio-Mapping, we determine the areas where the human body sweats and produces the most odor. In these key locations, we chose fabrics made from bamboo and coffee. “What and What, you say?” Yes, bamboo and coffee have an incredible ability to kill bacteria and absorb odors. So we thought “why not use it in our hunting clothing?” When converted into fabrics, these organic materials also produce some of the softest, best wicking, environmentally friendly textiles known to man. The fact is: Since they occur as a natural property, even over time, neither coffee nor bamboo will lose their ability to perform vital duties – unlike topical sprays and carbon, which degrade with each wash. Who else but Badlands would take scent containment all the way to an ‘Atomic level’?

Step Four: All of this is very intriguing and actually works quite well. Except for one thing…..jackets and underwear are not air-tight. Therefore, the odor that escapes from your sleeve cuffs, neck and torso area sends a nasty message to animals that “things are not going to end well.” This problem can never be stopped completely. However, we have devised a little method called Scent Gasketing. In theory, by lining these escape routes with our bamboo and coffee fabrics, much of the air is “scrubbed” as it leaves the garment, thus managing odor more effectively. There you have it, The Badlands 4 step approach to scent containment. Simply put, nobody in the industry has thought about or attacked it from as many angles as we have. So when you pick up that other brand, just ask yourself- “do you feel lucky? well…do ya punk?”


The Badlands Bio-Thermic™ apparel system was designed to regulate your body’s heat in the most effective way possible. That means devising a layering system that will keep you at just the right temperature. Too hot and you sweat. Too cold and you start losing feeling in your digits. Our Bio-Thermic™ system is made up of base, mid and outer layers that when used effectively will manage your internal thermostat and keep you going longer and stronger in the field.

Dupont DWR

You hear the term all the time in hunting equipment – “DWR.” But do you know what it stands for? Durable Water Repellent. At Badlands we use only the best DWR on our apparel. We know nature can be a seriously fickle and frustrating lady so you need to be prepared. Dupont® Teflon fabric protector repels moisture, dirt, stains, oils and perhaps most importantly for you – blood. It’s kind of like magic – watch it bead up and roll off. Hey, if it’s good enough for your pots and pans, it’s good enough for your hunting clothing!

SRS – Scent Reduction System

The Badlands SRS™ (Scent Reduction System) is our way of creating “antimicrobial warfare.” Let’s just say we’re winning the battle. Found in our Biothermic™ apparel and base-layers, the Badlands SRS™ ensures that the ultimate anti-microbial treatment penetrates deep into the fabric’s fibers. The result is Badlands 1, Odor Causing Microbes 0. Unlike similar treatments that will wear down extremely quickly, the Badlands SRS will effectively last up to 50 wash cycles. And let’s be honest…with how often you wash your clothes, that’s basically a lifetime.


ThermaDown™ utilizes a natural particle-based thermoreactive nano-coating that, through the emission of infrared energy, increases the natural benefits of down. Using body heat as a catalyst, the ThermaDown™ IR active down utilizes a body’s emitted heat by trapping that energy in the particles coated on the down and transmitting it back within the high-infrared spectrum. This infrared energy is easily absorbed back into the body providing all the benefits of infrared subcutaneous absorption – gently increasing circulation helping to re-oxygenate muscles and keep the body temperate.The result is a unique down that actively works with your own body heat to keep you warm, dry, energized, and comfortable in any condition or clime.

  • Proprietary blend of thermoreactive minerals to emit infrared energy at temperatures activated by body heat
  • Incorporates HyperDRY™ technology to provide extreme water resistance
  • Washable – particle coating will last the lifetime of the garment

HyperDRY™ Down

HyperDRY™, Allied Feather & Down’s newest water resistant down technology, is built upon the years of research and development of the previously successful Allied Resist® Water Resistant Down. Constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, Allied has developed proprietary nanotechnology treatments and procedures creating the most effective water resistant down on the market. These methods provide an invisible coating that does not compromise the texture or color of the fill and when the treatment is applied to Allied’s superior down, the results speak for themselves.

  • Currently tests over 80% longer than other water resistant down on the market in industry standard DWR shake test
  • Tested for PFOA and PFOS

Hexlight Fleece

With its honeycomb design, this proprietary fleece increases heat retention by trapping warm air into a multitude of interlinking channels. Hexlite Technology is not only efficient at retaining heat but actually reduces the garments bulk at the same time. Your body will thank you, your hunting buddies will envy you and your prey as always, will fear you.

Mammoth Fleece

Mammoth’s have been extinct for a few years now but their name lives on with Badlands Mammoth Fleece™. Nobody knows what drove the extinction but we like to think that they were just too good at heat retention and it was their downfall. With an incredible array of performance fibers that we’ve blended together, Mammoth Fleece is the ultimate in warmth without bulk. Just make sure you take your jacket off if a meteor hits – you might get a little too warm.


Simply put, AccuQuilt keeps your down fill where you want your down fill. Think of it as a jock-strap for goose down. Our strategically placed quilting ensures that those toasty little feathers stay in their designated place. The result is a blissful layer of down, spread evenly from head to toe. Hey, these geese sacrificed for our comfort, it’s the least we could do to honor them.


Badlands TempraFill™ insulation is the world’s most advanced blend of synthetic fibers and battings. Aside from being crazy comfortable, TempraFill is lightweight, waterproof, quick-dry and designed to shield you from extreme elements.